How to Keep Critters Out of Your Home

How to Keep Critters Out of Your Home

Fall brings chilly evenings, pumpkins, and Halloween decorations, all things we look forward to! But, as homeowners and roofers, we’re scared of the truly frightening critters that might find refuge in your home this Halloween season!

If you’ve ever encountered a wild animal in your home, you know how frightening it is! Critters in your attic can damage wires, water piping, torn air ducts, and more. Repairing these can cost you hundreds of dollars!

Thankfully, there are ways to avoid this. Here are the tips to follow to keep these critters out of your house…

Trim your trees.

Did you know squirrels can jump 10 to 12 feet through the air? That means if there are nearby trees, they can use that to get on your roof. Make sure you’re not leaving a straight path into your home by regularly maintaining your trees.

Regularly check your roof & exterior.

Small rodents can enter your home through an opening 2 inches or larger. These entry points are most likely on the second story, where dormers meet the roof and where shingles overhang the fascia board. These are areas that need to be thoroughly checked during a roof inspection.

More crafty critters can get in your attic through loose shingles and any other openings on the roof and eaves. Did you know raccoons are smart enough to rip off shingles? In order to prevent this, you want to make sure your shingles are in great shape with their sealant intact!

If you haven’t gotten a roof inspection yet, give us a call now: 972-231-0794!

Install motion-activated lights.

Bright lights can scare off small critters. Installing motion-activated lights in your attic is the perfect way to prevent critters from making your home theirs while still staying energy-efficient!

General Preventative Measures

Here are some other general tips to make your home a fortress to prevent any critters from entering your home:
● Seal shut any open entry holes leading to the attic.
● Install steel screens on vents.
● Don’t hang up a bird feeder!

Signs of animal activity.

Scared they may already be in the house? You’ll know your house has been infiltrated when you hear or see these signs:
1. Scampering or even loud noises in the ceiling or attic
2. Missing insulation from near eaves
3. Piles of nuts
4. You’re hearing sounds around dusk and in the middle of the night – that could be raccoons leaving and returning
5. Your attic isn’t smelling fresh – some critters might leave some urine or droppings as well

These creatures will cause more and more damage the longer they’re in the attic, so if you think your home has been invaded, call an animal control professional ASAP. Once the critters are out, we can help you make the repairs necessary to get your home back to its former glory.

Don’t take chances with your home this winter! Make sure you’re keeping the hibernating critters (and winter rain and snow) out of your home with a free roof and attic inspection from the experts at Benchmark Roofing and Construction! Call 972-231-0794 or request one online!

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